Join The Gearketeers for summer fun as they have a

Camping Trip!


Free from Monday July 9th to Friday July 13th

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Join The Gearketeers for summer fun as they spend

A Day at the Beach!

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Meet Gabby the Golf ball!

Gabby is the free-spirit of the Gearketeers, She loves to go on adventures, and can easily get lost in the wonders of nature. In "Gabby's Adventures", you can join Gabby on a typical day in her favorite golf course, although things don't go quite as expected for her. Through the air to the water, Gabby is on the adventure of her life.

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Meet Babs the Bowling Ball!

Meet Babs the Bowling Ball! She is the southern bell of the Gearketeers. Join her as she experiences the ups and downs of a typical night at the bowling alley.

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Meet Barry the Basketball!

Meet Barry the Basketball. Join Barry as he plays in an important basketball game!

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Here's a sneak peek of the other Gearketeers!

Penny the Ping-Pong Ball

Tipper the Tennis Ball

Frank the Football

Serena the Softball

Suzie the Soccer Ball

Chuck the Hockey Puck

Viv the Volleyball

Rick the Racquetball

Chase the Baseball

Billy the Billiard Ball

Get ready to meet more Gearketeers soon!

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